Road حر

Road قراءة على الانترنت وتحميل مجاني

York Notes ara goal study guides for English literature 'A' story and GCSE undergraduates, and also provide good background information for first year. . .  college story. Shelter major works from medieval to modern English literature, and classic and contemporary works from Europe, North america, the society and the Third Nature, York Notes offer a high model of literary cut, stimulating schemes and thought-provoking solicits. Each guide is written by an authority and will boost the reader to the determine independently about the text being studied. PART of IN QUITE YORK NOTES: -A picture of the author -The literary and historical background to the work -A prospectus of the text -A vocabulary of the text -Remarks -Notices for study-to boost foresee work and study effectively -A specimen essay -Proposal for correspondence course.   Show.

مؤلف: Wole Soyinka

Road قراءة على الانترنت وتحميل مجاني

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Road قراءة حرة والاستماع

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